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AXORA s.r.o. is engaged in the design, development and production of equipment in the field of processing technologies, transportation and storage of materials and use of residual energies. We also provide comprehensive custom engineering production, including delivery of technical and accompanying product documentation. With more than ten years of experience in the industry, we are able to offer professional services and a personal approach to the customer. 
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Screw conveyor
Used to transport loose or semi-liquid materials by rotating the screw shaft. In terms of positioning of the actuator, the design may be pusher or puller. The conveyor stator is most often supplied as tubular, gutter or combined. The drive is usually provided by hollow shaft-electric gearbox.
Air condenser
They are used to cool and condense vapors generated by various technological processes. The cooling medium in this case is air pumped from the environment. To increase the cooling effect, the heat transfer tubes are provided with ribbons of aluminum or copper. To control the power, the capacitors are fitted with louvers located at the top of the condenser.
Tanks with agitator
The tanks are used to store liquid and loose materials. The main function of the blended containers is to store and homogenize the batch. The agitator is driven by SEW or NORD gearboxes. We provide a complete design of the tanks, including the type and dimensions of the agitators and the required power output. Material and technical solutions of the tanks are always based on the application. In our capabilities, we manufacture tanks up to a diameter of 2500 mm and a volume of up to 20 m3.
Knife valve
They are used to close traffic routes or tanks. The slider drive can be manual, pneumatic, or hydraulic. Dimensions and design can be adapted to the required application, but we normally produce slide valves with internal dimensions of 100 - 1500 mm.
Other products
We are also engaged in custom production of various machines, whether single-purpose or more sophisticated. Just give us an idea of what you expect from the device and we will take care of everything else. We prepare design documentation, provide production, assembly and test operation. Do not hesitatee to contact us with anything, our range is really huge.
Special hardface welding
We specialize in hardfacing welding of surface by chromium-carbide-based hard metal, nickel-based refractory cladding, or abrasion resistant cobalt-based welds. We renovate buckets of excavators, drilling and demolition tools, shredder blades and milling hammers. We provide welded-on sleeves or sliding surfaces conveyors.
Flywheel stand
We participated in the production of experimental equipment. We have supplied a flywheel for a test bench to measure the life of automotive gearboxes. The device is completely unique and we are glad that we could have been at its inception.
Teleskopic tubes for BMW
We have developed an alternative part for BMW engines, which makes it unnecessary to remove the engine from the vehicle. Telescopic tubes replace the original leaking fixed cooling water connection pipes inside the engine.
TRUBKY motor